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Deliver a seamless hybrid cloud by extending your on-premises vSphere environment to the AWS Cloud.

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Our FREE VMware Cloud on AWS discovery workshop will provide you with valuable insights, enabling you to make smart business decisions regarding how you approach the cloud.

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Insight can help you with your build and migration needs including on-prem upgrades, AWS account creation with VPC configuration, spin up your VMC SDDC and connect to AWS.

Key capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS

The only hybrid cloud solution that allows you to modernise, protect and scale vSphere-based applications leveraging AWS, the world’s leading public cloud.

Enterprise-grade capabilities

  • Leverage predictable, high-performance compute, storage and networking delivered by vSphere, vSAN and NSX running on next-gen Nitro system-based Amazon EC2 elastic, bare-metal infrastructure.
  • Ensure application uptime through capabilities built directly in the service such as vSphere HA, DRS, auto host remediation, and Stretched Clusters for zero-RPO infrastructure availability.
  • Prevent the lateral spread of threats with dynamic policy-driven NSX micro-segmentation and distributed firewalls.
Enterprise-grade capabilities image

Simple and consistent operations

  • Reduce your operational overhead and achieve your cloud strategy faster, whether it is migration, extension or protection, by leveraging existing skills, tools, processes and familiar VMware technologies.
  • Get a single inventory view of both on-premises and VMware Cloud on AWS resources using vCenter Server technology.
  • Leverage the in-product, unified support experience that brings together intelligent search, chat support, service request management, service health and community help, available at your fingertips.
Simple and consistent operations image

Flexible Consumption

  • Align costs to your business needs with flexible consumption options and investment protection.
  • Consume on-demand hourly, or take advantage of one-year and three-year reserved models for deeper discounts.
  • Get started rapidly and provision an entire VMware SDDC environment in 2 hours.
  • Add or remove hosts in minutes or let Elastic DRS to do it automatically based on optimal utilisation.
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Familiar and seamless

  • Continue using your familiar VMware technologies - plus a broad range of third party technology solution providers that are validated to work with VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Leverage a single point of contact for all your support issues.
  • Focus on your apps while VMware and its partners take care of infrastructure patches and upgrades.
  • Empower your infrastructure teams to run the most resource-intensive apps with all the performance, availability and scale requirements they need, while your development teams focus on your business requirements.
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Digital transformation

It's nearly 3x more likely that a company is rated as a Digital Transformation Leader* when fully empowering employees.

*Pioneers plus leaders

Empowered employees

Empowered employees in firms who make apps available and highly accessible report:

  • 17% less time spent on manual processes
  • 16% increase in team collaboration
  • 16% faster decision making
Power performance

Empowered employees, compared to traditional employees, are more likely by nearly:

  • 5 x to report gain in personal productivity
  • 4 x to report their company us a more desirable place to work
  • 2 x to report that apps are very important in accelerating decision-making in the company
Enterprise level success

Empowered employees, compared to traditional employees, project for their firms:

  • 34% greater increase in effciency
  • Almost 2x the increase in service quality
  • HR efficiencies for recruiting (69%) and onboarding of new employees (59%)

Plus, 87% of all CIOs surveyed believe that digitally empowering their employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years.


CIOs and employees share very different views, both in where their companies are versus peers in providing technology to employees, and about the availability, utility, and freedom to use employee technologies at work.

This indicates a degree of disappointment by employees, and a complacency in CIOs which can lead to a dangerous disconnect that may impact a firm’s performance.

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