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Calendar of Upcoming Events and Webinars

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April 11th 2024 Build New Apps with GenAI - Creative Pictures/Images/Audio
Discover how GenAI models can be leveraged to develop innovative apps with creative pictures, images and audio allowing your organisation to automate tasks and free up valuable time.
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March 26th 2024 Unify your Data Estate for Analytics
Join our upcoming webinar to discover how to implement a standardised approach to data management by unifying your data sources.
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Available on-demand Key Trends for Data & AI in 2024
Join Insight and Amdaris for our upcoming webinar where we'll explore the four trends shaping these changes across 2024 and beyond.
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Available on-demand Build New Apps with GenAI - Intelligent Text Generation / Summarisation
In this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights on how to build new apps with GenAI for intelligent text generation and summarisation to drive business success.
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