Cloud is the new sourcing alternative in IT.

More and more businesses are adopting a cloud-first procurement strategy. Why? Because they are eager to embrace the benefits of business growth, market reach and customer satisfaction that can only be facilitated by cloud computing. Now that businesses are taking the step towards a cloud-first strategy, cloud services providers can no longer stay behind. The urge to make the transition to the cloud is unavoidable.

With your knowledge and experience you are able to become trusted cloud advisors to your end users, and to future-proof your business.

The benefits of Insight Indirect Cloud Services


New Billing Requirements

Microsoft has announced new billing requirements that Direct Providers within the CSP programme must meet as from 31 August 2018. At the time the update is introduced, Direct Providers need to implement the key capabilities which are: the CSPs either provide an IP service, a managed service or a solution application to the customers in addition to implementing a basic billing infrastructure and enable billing within the system of CSP.

At Insight we are able to help you understand the cloud business an know how to capitalize on this by understanding your requirements, challenges and business needs. We can help you to make the right decision.

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The benefits of Insight Indirect Cloud Services

Migration Services

Painless migration and
on-boarding process

Simplified Monthly Invoicing

Automate provisioning for user based subscriptions and Azure for a simplified approach to cloud.

Save time and money

Pay-as-you go instead of PRO-RATA billing from Microsoft will simplify your cloud processes.

Grow Your Business

With the help of a dedicated Customer Success Team to assist with your journey.

Microsoft CSP Direct vs Insight CSP Indirect

Customer Billing Reseller invoices the customer and owns the relationship Reseller invoices the customer and owns the relationship
Customer IT Administration Reseller has full access to customers platform Reseller has full access to customers platform
Migration & Development Services  
Readiness Assessment  
Marketing Guidance   
Technical Deployment Cloud / Hybrid Offering  
Technical Support Included  
Multi-Lingual Support
Advisory Credits Only Via Asfp or Premier Support Included in Standard Support
Real-Time Consumption Management Tool  
Onboarding Assistance   
Pro-Active Account Management  Only Managed Partners Everyone
Provisioning Platform Partner Center Cloud Management Platform
Simplified Monthly Invoice  
Licensing Expertise (Hybrid Licensing)  
Go To Market Strategy Support  
Managed Account Services  
Knowledge Hub
Time To Market Months Minutes


The Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP) program allows partners to sell Cloud Services, such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Office 365 and EMS, it is available in 193 geographical locations. Microsoft delivers the program to partners both directly and indirectly.

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