Plan, Build, Manage

The Insight Cloud Journey is built around three logical steps in cloud migration: Plan – Build – Manage. The starting level of your journey to the cloud depends entirely on the level at which your company currently is and can start at every step. Each step is divided in one or more phases.

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The Planning Stage

Are you considering whether you should migrate (some) workloads to the cloud and how? Then your Journey starts at the Plan level with assessing opportunities and benefits, but also possible risks for your business. There are two phases:


  • Extend your knowledge of working in the cloud
  • Benefits, how-to's, opportunities & risks, growth acceleration
  • Jumpstart sessions, webinars, master classes, ebooks


  • Learn about the impact of technologies such as cloud, IoT, AI, and about their impact on society and business – your business in particular – both from a business and a technical perspective point of view.
  • Validate your technological needs
  • Set up a cloud roadmap that reflects your business strategy


  • Analyse business needs and future strategy
  • Assess benefits and risks in the cloud (costs, viability)
  • Evaluate your cloud readiness

Is there a greenlight for migration? Then we set up a basic build and onboarding plan with you.

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The Build Stage

Have you decided to migrate workloads to the cloud in the Plan step or have you already done so yourself? Then the Build step is your starting point. We have a team of experts ready to guide you to successful migration and optimisation with a thorough migration plan, risk assessments, and optimisation plans. The Build step consists of three phases:


  • Set up a workflow, architecture or roadmap for migration
  • Always take well-founded decisions on set-up and actual migration
  • Have confidence and knowledge of what happens ith your systems and environment


  • The ability to migrate your systems and services yourself using the Insight Migration Services


  • Assess your cloud readiness and perform a benefit and risk analysis for your specific situation.
  • Listen to stakeholders, determine the scope and requirements and prepare a dedicated migration plan for your company, ready for onboarding. There are three scenarios for migrating apps, data and/or infrastructure from on-premises data centres to the cloud:
  1. Migration & Modernisation: apps/data/infrastructure are re-hosted, refactored, or re-architected in the cloud
  2. Cloud native: apps/data/infrastructure are rebuilt as new in the cloud
  3. SaaS: apps/data/infrastructure are replaced in the cloud
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When you have migrated workloads and are already working in the cloud, you start at the Manage step, where you will find a whole range of (managed) services in the support phase.


  • Start optimising the efficiency and business value of your systems, operations, data capacity and everything else in Azure or Office 365


  • Monitor your environments and services 24/7 with Monitoring As A Service from Insight
  • Be sure that we monitor on your behalf, resolve issues and improve where necessary
  • Be confident that you can fulfil your SLAs


With these services you receive professional support from a dedicated and experienced team of cloud specialists to keep your cloud services up-to-date in many different flavours.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Security and compliance
  • On-site support
  • Change management

… and much, much more!

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