Removing workplace boundaries

With over a third of the world’s workforce now working remotely, and around half of office-based staff regularly working from home, it is evident that increasingly, employees see work as what they do rather than the place that they go. Today, employees expect to be able to access their data, applications and people needed to do their jobs regardless of their location. It’s this expectation and the growing trend of home or remote working that is now driving demand in every IT department. Where this is not recognised and acted upon by employers , workers turn to their own solutions or so called unsanctioned ‘shadow IT’ that brings a whole set of other problems for already stretched IT departments not least around data security and access.

Businesses want their IT teams to deliver an easier and more productive solution with often smaller budgets and less resources. If they don’t rise to the challenge valuable talent will be tempted elsewhere. Meanwhile security and mobile device management are in particular growing concerns; especially for remote and mobile workforces.

Our solutions for the modern workplace enable businesses to be more productive by delivering the infrastructure and capability they need to serve the needs and expectations of a modern and more mobile workforce while keeping their data secure.

Who can benefit from Modern Workplace services?

Organisations of all sizes and sectors are embracing mobile and remote working driven by the resulting increase in productivity. Our solutions are focused on maximising the benefits for corporate and enterprise-level organisations who want to keep pace with the needs and expectation of their customers and employees in order to stay competitive and ahead.



We enable people to securely connect to their data and apps as well as collaborate and share content wherever they are, using any device at any time.

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Unified Communication

Our solutions for unified communication – instant messaging, email, voice and video, allow employees to stay connect and attend meetings even when out of the office.

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Content and Collaboration

We offer the latest in collaboration platform technology to provide far more inclusive and productive solutions for sharing ideas, storing and retrieving files and documents and more.

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Why partner with Insight?

In short we now offer the best hardware, software and services to help businesses plan buils and implement a modern workplace solution. We have the experience and skills to help you modernise. Our planned approach for example will help you develop and put you in control of the right strategy, reducing risk, your operational costs and improving efficiency. When it comes to implementation we will help set up and maintain the right solution and even help train your workforce on how to immediately access key features and benefits.

Modern Workplace Customer Brochure

Är du osäker på vad ditt företag behöver?

Varje företag har sin egen vision av framtiden. Men om din IT-avdelning och infrastruktur inte återspeglar den visionen, hur långt kan du egentligen ta dig? Planering och strategi är mycket viktigt under en period av snabb tillväxt. Det hjälper dig att identifiera dina styrkor, visar potentiella svagheter och låter ditt företag bättre utnyttja sina ekonomiska tillgångar och sin kreativa flexibilitet under den kommande tiden.

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