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Mindjet MindManager is visualisation and productivity software optimised for individual use. With MindManager, you can quickly and intuitively record, process and communicate information using different types of diagrams, such as mind maps, flow diagrams and concept maps. The visual layout, together with the calculation features, Gantt-charts and Microsoft Office integration support individual business requirements.

MindManager Features


Increase your creativity and productivity. Mindmapping is an excellent way to provide yourself the freedom to express an idea.


Provide a clear direction to a project by showing it's A-B. An excellent platform for efficient working.

Concept Maps

Clearly plan and communicate ideas. MindManager provides the platform for you to create effective projects.

Visual Framework

Seeing is understanding. Mind maps and diagrams are virtual whiteboards where you can visually capture your best thinking. Easily create visual information maps, flowcharts, or concept maps depending on your work situation. Just drag and drop to organise and prioritise tasks and information.


Business & Project Tools

Turn ideas into action. Use MindManager’s visual layout to create, validate, and communicate business requirements, project schedules, competitive research, budget assumptions, and strategic priorities.

Mindjet Business and Project tools

Information Management

Get organised. Attach all your relevant links, notes, and documents to mind maps and diagrams and view them in the embedded browser. You can also filter, index, and search, so you can always find what you need. No more digging for documents or switching back and forth between apps.


Works with your current applications

Stay Streamlined. Use MindManager’s visual framework to organise your work, and then export to the tools you use every day. MindManager works with most popular Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and Apple productivity apps.

Mindjet is a certified Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.

MindJet- Compatible

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Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP)

Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) is an annual subscription (with automatic annual renewal) that protects your investment in a MindManager single licence. Customers covered by the UPP will receive new feature releases, including major upgrades, for MindManager for Windows or for MindManager for Mac during the life of the subscription. Telephone helpdesk support is available during normal business hours.

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Need a solution for teams and enterprises?

Mindjet MindManager Enterprise is optimised for teams and enterprises. Available from 10 licences, MindManager Enterprise offers powerful capabilities for coordinating projects, managing tasks and sharing knowledge across organisations.

MindManager Enterprise

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