Protection against modern security threats

Windows 10 delivers comprehensive, built-in and ongoing security protections that you can trust.

Windows 10 - Pre-breach Threat Resistance

Pre-breach Threat Resistance

Windows 10 is designed to disrupt the malware and hacking industry by moving the playing field to one where they lose the attack vectors that they depend on.

Windows Defender Antivirus

Windows Defender Antivirus

Windows Defender Antivirus, an enterprise-grade antivirus solution, uses the cloud, vast optics, machine learning and behaviour analysis to rapidly respond to emerging threats.

Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Attacking devices through the browser is a top technique for attackers. Microsoft Edge has been designed specifically to systemically disrupt phishing, malware, and hacking attacks.

Windows 10 - Device Guard

Device Guard

Application Control is your best defence in a world where there are more than 300,000 new malware samples each day. Block all unwanted apps with Device Guard.

Windows 10 - Detect the undetectable

Detect the undetectable

Take advantage of IOC’s powered by sensors and unique optics that are made possible through Microsoft Intelligence Security Graph and the human expertise behind it.

Windows 10 - Built-in one-click responses

Built-in one-click responses

Respond to incidents by isolating machines, blocking or quarantining files, collecting data, and executing suspicious files in a secure cloud based.

Windows 10 - Windows Hello

Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a password alternative that uses multiple factors to provides enterprise grade security using bio-metrics, a PIN or even a companion device.

Windows 10 - Credential Guard

Credential Guard

Credential Guard protects against NTLM based Pass the Hash (PtH) attacks by isolating user credentials inside a hardware based container.

Intel Authenticate Solution

Increase your security posture with Intel Authenticate solution, a hardware-enhanced identity protection solution. Intel Authenticate solution delivers customisation multi-factor authentication options to fit your IT policy needs while giving you a comprehensive solution that is easy to deploy. It is available on select 6th and 7th generation Intel Core™ vPro™ platforms.

Intel Identity Protection Technology

Intel Identity Protection Technology

Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) is a suite of authentication and online access technologies designed to offer web properties, users, and enterprises with stronger, hardware-based security embedded into Intel’s platforms for better ease of use, while offering a lower cost compared with traditional hardware or SMS authentication.

Why Insight for Windows 10?

Insight is Microsoft’s largest global Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) and has been providing Microsoft® solutions for more than 25 years.

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How Insight will help?

Earning numerous awards from Microsoft and Intel, Insight has delivered desktop, cloud and mobility solutions to millions of users. We reduce deployment time and risk during execution and tailor solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Insight - Product and licensing specialists

Product and licensing specialists

Assist you to optimise your technology investment by leveraging the most appropriate licensing vehicles for your organisation.

Insight - Technical pre-sales specialists

Technical pre-sales specialists

Assist you with detailed Windows 10 technology questions as well as partnering with you to identify a migration and adoption strategy.

Insight - Delivery architects and consultants

Delivery architects and consultants

Assist you to design, assess, deploy, and manage your device environment.

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