Get the most out of Office 365 with Insight’s free
on-boarding service.

As a leading Microsoft partner for over 25 years we understand that having a complete process for adopting and optimising your Office 365 products is vital to accelerate your organisation’s time to deployment and ensure services are configured optimally according to your unique requirements.

Our free of charge on-boarding service removes the administrative burden needed to activate your Office 365 product functionality whilst providing advice on the initial service configurations required. 

The Insight on-boarding service focuses on the following strategic areas:

  • Adoption plan and time schedule
  • License activation and allocation
  • Provide an overview of the Tenant dashboard

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Highlights of Insight’s onboarding service

Activation – At this stage Insight help organisations to activate their office 365 subscriptions and get up and running as quickly as possible.

Configuration – Insight help organisations perform basic customisation of the Office 365 to demonstrate how the subscription can be tailored.

Office 365 portal walkthrough -  Insight provide organisations with a walkthrough of the Office 365 portal to understand the capabilities and identify methods that suit individual needs. 

Arrange a free Office 365 onboarding service from Insight to: 

  • Understand how their users consume online services
  • Understand the Office 365 portal and how to configure a subscription(s)
  • Understand how to manage users, subscriptions and licences
  • Understand consumption and usage reports
  • Downloading and installing Office software
  • Identify various methods of getting support


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