Keeping your data safe and secure is among our highest priorities and we want to make sure that you’re aware that Windows 7 Extended Support is closer then you realise. So now is the time to consider the upgrade and Windows 10 Enterprise has you covered, with comprehensive protection that helps safeguard your data and devices while improving efficiency.

These security features include:

Integrated for simplicity

Integrated for simplicity

  • Antivirus, firewall, and phishing filters. These enhanced layers of protection help secure your network without affecting productivity.
  • Windows Hello. Using fingerprints or facial recognition, Windows Hello lets you sign in quickly and securely—no password necessary.
  • Windows Trusted Boot. Windows trusted boot, used in combination with the UEFI Secure Boot hardware standard, helps ensure that your PC boots securely, allowing only trusted software to run during startup.

Intelligent security

Intelligent security

  • Device Guard. With Device Guard, you get access controls that help protect the Windows system core while preventing malware, untrusted apps, and executables from running on your devices.
  • Credential Guard. By storing user access tokens inside a highly secure, isolated container, Credential Guard helps keep them from being hacked.
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Windows Enterprise customers can detect, investigate, and remediate advanced persistent threats and data breaches on their networks by taking advantage of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Windows has strong defences to help keep your devices and network secure. It starts with replacing passwords and protecting corporate identities. Using Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport are the most personal and secure ways to access Windows devices and services today.

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Windows 10 is the best combination of the Windows you already know, plus lots of great improvements you'll love having! Windows 10 is supported by a number of partners, working seamlessly to deliver the best user experience possible.

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Windows devices are designed to push the limits of what you expect to do into the realm of what you hope to do.

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Combining Windows 10 with Office 365 and management by Enterprise Mobility+Security for maximum ROI and productivity, that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

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