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Ken Lamneck head shot

Ken Lamneck

President and Chief Executive Officer

Glynis Bryan head shot

Glynis Bryan

Chief Financial Officer

“The role of the CFO is changing. It isn’t just about numbers. You must be a credible voice in shaping strategy. And you must have the confidence of your management team to position resources for meaningful growth.”

— Glynis Bryan, Chief Financial Officer, Insight

Emma de Sousa head shot

Emma de Sousa

Regional Vice President
Insight UK

Russell Leighton head shot

Russell Leighton

Senior Vice President
Finance & Operations Insight EMEA

Susanna Reppling

Susanna Reppling

Country Manager
Insight Nordics

Wolfgang Ebermann head shot

Wolfgang Ebermann

Insight EMEA

Jeff Shumway head shot

Jeff Shumway

Chief Information Officer

Jet Golia head shot

Jet Golia

Vice President
Commercial & Legal Insight EMEA

Stefan Tonnon head shot

Stefan Tonnon

Vice President
Human Resources Insight EMEA

“We are in the midst of great change and tremendous opportunity. Who wouldn’t be energized by what’s possible?”

— Wolfgang Ebermann President, Insight EMEA

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